That Time When Dad-Life Kicked Down My Door

This has been a whirlwind few days in the best possible way.

My wife’s water broke on Sunday evening, a full three weeks (and more) before her projected due date of 9/27. Because she was technically pre-term (by four days), we had to report to the hospital rather than the midwifery where we wanted to give birth.

Our midwife met us at the hospital, and proceeded to apologize profusely. The sonogram showed that the baby was transverse breech, meaning they were positioned from side-to-side, rather than head down.

C-section required.

Life almost never goes as planned, and a c-section didn’t even enter our heads as a possibility when we had written out our potential birth plans just a few days before.

Fortunately, all went well, and our son was born on the night of my 30th birthday 🙂 Best gift ever.

Mom and Nugget (so nicknamed because we didn’t find out the sex until birth) are both happy and healthy at the hospital, waiting to be discharged in a day or two and head home. I’m staying with them, of course, but I’m also saving my paternity leave until she actually needs me to help her at home.

Our family and friends have already been immensely supportive, so I can’t wait for them all to meet him.

I really have no idea what to expect once we leave that hospital with our newborn son, but I’m really excited about it. Dad Life arrived three weeks before I was “ready”. (I use quotes because I never felt ready. I still don’t feel ready. But, here we are.)

Either way, Nugget’s arrival was perfect. He’s awesome and I was instantly head-over-heels in love with him when I first saw him.

I just wanted to provide a quick update, I’m sure there will be many more stories about him to come.

Steve D

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