Misplaced Missive #201 – Lady Luck

Lady Luck, fickle and cruel,
Who will sleep with any fool,
But only for a short time.
Choosing lovers with divine randomness,
In her arms, there's bliss;
Fortune given with every kiss,
But not for long.
'Til the next is chosen,
And you're dismissed.

Lady Luck, you uncaring whore,
Who will you next bless,
With your attention and caress?
How can I earn more?
How can I earn less?
I'm always waiting for,
My turn to be selected, by fate.

So Lady Luck, please.
Leave me be.
I'd rather court
The hardworking sort.
One to inspire and motivate,
Not one to make me wait, and wait,
For something that may never come.
Jessie Gutierrez

…I definitely don’t dig WP’s new ‘editor’. It is not improved. Why must they keep changing things…

Also, for your amusement! Related only by the luck of the draw that is life:

5 thoughts on “Misplaced Missive #201 – Lady Luck

  1. WP is still the better choice for those without tech abilities — even with and because of the changes…There is just no quick fix as all of the changes that come with tech upgrades affect everything that went before. It kind of leaves no option but to try on new I.T. things…which always, by their nature, break down and misfire. Weirdly, not an exact science, technology, for more than the minute of creation!

    1. Jessie Gutierrez

      So true. Well, I’m certainly trying I suppose… hopefully no break downs will be involved though. From the tech or from me ha

      1. Some are hard to find. I don’t know how to access the little in-text toolbar without using Ctrl+I or Ctrl+B first, but that’s where the text alignment buttons are too.

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