Misplaced Missive #47 – ‘Now’

I know you know
You’ve broken a lot of hearts.
Never think ahead
From where it starts.
You’ve only got the ‘now’ in mind
But do you realize?
Just how unkind
You’ve been to my kind?
Those of us for whom
The present is painful
And only the future is a gift.

Should’ve seen the signs
They light up bright the whole night sky
Mocking as I drive too fast
While you’re stuck in the past,
Of your ultra fleeting ‘now’.
All I see is what’s ahead of us.
I’m sorry, my dear friend,
But it looks like it might
Be the end of our road together.

Maybe I’ll leave my heart with you anyway,
Despite knowing about the ones you’ve splintered.
Please keep it safe
For when I return someday,
For when “now” is somewhere,
That leads to better futures.

Jessie Gutierrez

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