Haiku Tuesday – Sick


A bug in the throat,

a tickle, until it spreads

like a sickly web.

Hope you enjoyed the haiku. Apologies for the short post. I had wanted to write my end-of-year Numberbrag, but that will have to wait.

My laptop appears to be on its way out after 10 good years. The battery (with which I replaced the first battery) is not functioning well, and I’m still not able to turn the computer on at this point.

I’m shopping around for a new home desktop, but in the meantime, I’ll have to use my wife’s laptop.

I also came down with a cold last night, and I’m trying not to get my son sick. He’ll probably be fine, but only he’s four months old. So I will be washing my hands compulsively for the rest of the week.

Steve D

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