Misplaced Missive #118 – Falling, Flying, Floating

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day! A day of chocolate and hearts and amateur diners. I’ll be spending the day bouncing around the restaurant I work in, rushed by sugar, trying to give out warm, fuzzy experiences and delicious food. Since I cannot give you lovely readers that second thing, I thought I’d try to share the first. Here goes: 

I’m either falling or I’m flying,
But I can’t quite tell which.
It’s a switch from my average,
This suspicion sense of bliss.

Silly songs with fluffy, feeling lyrics,
Suddenly sound like gospel,
The like of which used to make me itch.
Make me twitch, hostile, ill, sick. So…
What is this?
What is this?

I’m either falling or I’m flying,
Which way is up?
Which way is down?
All I can hear is the sound,
Of my racing heart.
Is this how it starts?
Is this how it starts?

It’s a new experience,
Exhilaration and bliss,
But there’s fear, hard to dismiss.
Will this go the distance?
Or am I blinded by ignorance…
How does this work?
How does anything work out?

I’m so busy floating,
Drifting off into space,
That reality is something,
I haven’t stopped to contemplate,
Haven’t stopped to question.

Is this what it’s like to be happy?
Is this what it’s like to be happy?
Always in danger of hitting the floor,
But constantly wanting more,
Knowing the questions and fears,
Are forgotten with the way it feels to soar.

Jessie Gutierrez

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