Anyone Need a Freelance Writer / Editor / Content Marketer?

Well, I wasn’t planning on talking about this until after the dust settled, but I’ve had a change of heart.

I was laid off from my job last week. I am actively looking for a new position, but in the meantime, I need to keep my options open.

That’s why I’m officially offering freelance services in writing, editing, or online marketing. Here’s a little bit about my background:

  • I reviewed news releases for publication on,, and for three years. I reviewed approximately 10,000 press releases in that time, and I know what a good press release looks like.
  • I have also written two dozen press releases for various organizations across industries such as tech, fashion, and publishing. And yes, I even wrote my own press releases for my book.
  • I strategized and managed pay-per-click marketing campaigns and provided regular analytics reports for clients, curating nearly 1 million clicks across dozens of campaigns.
  • I’m also open to other work in the realms of writing, editing, and online marketing.
  • Please email info (at) eveningsatellite (dot) com to discuss pricing and project requirements.

Now that I’ve pimped myself out, I’ll get into my sudden unemployment a bit.

The official terminology for my lay-off was Job Elimination. I’m not at liberty to get into details. Just know that I was stunned.

As I said, I’m actively looking for new jobs in the arena of product management for software platforms, which is what I was doing for the last fifteen months.

Needless to say, this is not a position I expected to find myself in. I’m staying as positive as I can, but money is obviously a concern. I’m looking into filing for Unemployment, and it somehow took me until this morning to realize that I could try to find some freelance gigs.

Change is inevitable and all that, so it’s time I adapt.

Steve D

3 thoughts on “Anyone Need a Freelance Writer / Editor / Content Marketer?

  1. File –don’t hesitate… This market is not as good as billed… be aggressive. Empathies and sympathies from your fans. All too many of us have been in your shoes, all too often more than once. Or twice. Or thrice. And the market is changing into an entrepreneurial one, so start thinking in terms of your own business….(and get the money up front!) So far the best general job board has been…

    1. I did end up filing on Friday. I like Indeed a lot, so I’ve been on there basically every day. As for freelance work, I haven’t started really looking, but I’ve used to hire illustrators, and it’s worked out well on that front. I know that site caters to writers/editors too.

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