Quick RIp: Tyr is Back!

Týr recently posted this video on their Facebook page. Considering they only post to social media once every seven months, and I only check Facebook a few times per week. it was fairly fortuitous that I saw their post.

…Does Facebook know my internet-browsing habits???


Anyway, Týr also doesn’t produce music videos that often. “Sunset Shore” is the single from their upcoming album, Hel, dropping on March 8th. Even if you’re not that into metal, just watch the video to admire the scenery. They filmed in caverns in northern Hungary and along a in Slovenia.

Metal. As. Fuck.

“Sunset Shore” is bit a softer, at least as far as metal goes, but Týr usually have at least one more somber song on each of their albums. I would bet that Hel doesn’t deviate too far from their usual sound, but I’m interested to see. This will be their first album with new drummer Tadeusz Rieckmann and new guitarist Terji Skibenæs.

I will be keenly watching for any upcoming tour announcements. They tend to hit the summer festival scene pretty hard. Hopefully, they’ll pop over to this side of the Atlantic for while.

Steve D

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