Misplaced Missive #170 – In Time

Even with this sinking depression,
I feel the rise of aggression
Towards you.
I need distance,
And a distraction,
Because for a fraction,
Of a second.
I thought I could count on you.
I was wrong.
And now I can’t forget
What it felt like to believe you
Better than you are.

To put it plainly,
The remains:
A bare minimum unmet.
So how come,
That was too much to ask?
I can’t mask this new,
Disdain of mine.
It feels like a crime,
To be so resentful, distrustful,
Of someone that once held my heart.

But you tore it from my chest,
Without intent to keep it safe.
Another collectible,
Delivered on a silver plate.
Notable only
Because no one before thought
It real.
I worked so hard to conceal
How I felt. How much I felt.
And with one thrust,
You betrayed my trust,
And proudly lauded
Your bounty for all to see.

Oh sweet angel,
You have fallen from grace,
And I can’t seem to replace,
Your once immaculate image in my mind.
Hopefully in time,
I’ll see you as a friend,
Instead of well disguised foe.
Until then…
I have to say goodbye.

Jessie Gutierrez

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