#AmConsuming: Less Watching, More Reading!

Another month, another so many hours spent consuming media. I’ve been writing a bit more, so my consumption habits have dwindled a tad. That is all for the better, methinks.

Still, I have a pretty good slate going.


The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas (audiobook)

Great story with an even better message. Check out my review here.

Atlanta, season three, Hulu

Good show. The vignette style of storytelling was cool, but ultimately I liked the scenes with the main cast together. I’m not really sure what this show will be or where it’s supposed to go in season three, but I’m interested.

Io, Netflix

This film was less sci-fi and more character story than I expected, but it was still interesting. It’s about a woman and man who meet just before the final ship leaves Earth; the rest of the human population had fled to a satellite station above Jupiter’s moon, Io, due to catastrophic climate change that made Earth inhospitable for most life.

I think the film is a bit too on-the-nose with the catastrophic climate change definitively caused by humans destroying the planet and killing everything… theme. This is probably not the type of film that climate change deniers and big oil shills would suddenly see and say, you know what? They’re right!

I enjoyed lead actress Margaret Qualley, however. Maybe I’ll write a full review.


The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future, Joseph E. Stiglitz, (audiobook)

For my next Audible adventure, I’ve turned to an economic-political study on the Great Recession and subsequent populism of the late aughts and early 2010s. This has been on my reading list for too long.

The narrator is a little robotic, but I’m hoping the content is interesting enough to keep me engaged.

A Crown of Swords, Robert Jordan

I’m halfway through this, and man, that mid-series slog I keep hearing about has really hit me hard. There’s just so little… movement among the main cast of characters, and more and more new names keep popping up. I have no idea how Jordan could possibly tie all of this together, but maybe that’s what people mean when they talk about how Sanderson came in, cleaned up the narrative, and ended the series fittingly.

I’ll probably jump right into book 8 after this, but the slog might catch up to me after that.

Parador, Peter A. Dixon

This has been left in the dust a bit, but I’d like to finish it this month.


Community, Hulu

I’ve caught pieces of this show at a friend’s house, so when it came up on Hulu, I figured I might as well dive in. I haven’t been disappointed. It’s probably the cleverest workplace comedy-esque show of this era (think The OfficeParks and Rec30 Rock, etc.). I realize it takes place in a Community College, but the characters are placed together by circumstance and not some pre-existing bond, and nearly the entire show takes place in one study room.

I think the show tries a little too often to be meta with itself, but at least the writers are creative.

True Detective, season three, HBO

I watched this with a friend and forgot to talk about it. I enjoyed it, and I liked the ending. I hope this gets renewed for a fourth season with the same creator, but I know some fans weren’t as fond of the way it ended as me.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hulu

Still watching this week to week. Still worth it.


Eternium, Android mobile

I’ve kind of fallen off playing this. I’m still logging in every day to collect my daily reward, and I’ll play a level or two every couple of days. But now that I’ve beaten the main story mode once, this game has become rinse and repeat.

Age of Empires II, Steam

I finally downloaded Steam onto my new computer and revved up the ole AoE engine again. This is an old favorite. I’ll probably play this pretty consistently for the next few weeks and then get bored again. Still, I always come back to massive naval battles with the Vikings, or hordes of Celtic Woad Raiders bearing down on the enemy town!

Ah, nostalgia.

Steve D

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