Misplaced Missive #129 – Obligation

Obligation born of necessity,
Is this destiny?
To be confined by lies,
Ever eager to confuse the ruse.
Ruthlessly use another,
To cover sinful secrets,
That partially put puzzling parts
Passed inspection.

Ulterior motives and
Hidden disdain,
No matter how faint,
My animosity is omnipresent,
Because you’re not the saint,
You profess to be.
It’s clear to me,
Your preachings are hiding lies,
Just as condemning as mine.

One of those you’d damn,
Has you under command,
And you have no idea.
Let the judge, be judged,
And the punishment: To be used.
This isn’t one of the places
Where I am confused.
This isn’t fair or just or right.
Where do we go from here?

Obligation and make believe,
Are small prices to be paid,
For keeping the truth at bay.

Jessie Gutierrez

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