5 Reasons Wattpad is Great for Writers

As some of you may already know, I’ve started publishing a series of short myths on Wattpad this year.

I’ve done my best to remain active on Wattpad, rather than just pushing Publish and logging out. After several months of pretty consistent use of this social writing platform, I wanted to highlight some of the things I think it does well.

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons Wattpad is great for writers. I’ll give a bit more detail on each reason below.

  1. Intuitive publishing tool
  2. Mobile app is relatively easy to use
  3. Analytics about your book
  4. Active community forum
  5. A gracious community

Wattpad’s Intuitive Publishing Tool

Publishing on Wattpad is incredibly easy. Whether you want to copy-paste your writing from an external document (like me) or write directly in the platform, the Wattpad publishing is designed for simplicity.

As you’re typing, you can use the normal text formatting hotkeys (Ctrl+B, etc.), or you can highlight text to change the style or alignment. You can also embed images or videos at any point throughout your text.

The lack of other bells and whistles I actually see as an advantage. Wattpad doesn’t want writers to be overly concerned with fancy formatting, and they also want readers to be able to move between stories without encountering really peculiar formatting choices (like different font styles).

Compared to another publishing tool I know of (ahem WordPress!) Wattpad’s writing tool is actually intuitive and free of clutter hidden behind strange buttons and menus.

Solid Mobile App

Wattpad’s mobile app is also a great way to keep up with what’s going on in your own feed. You can get push notifications when people comment on your posts, or when an author you’re following publishes the next chapter of their story.

The main downside is that the mobile app does not connect to Wattpad’s community forum.

Book Analytics for Authors

Once you start publishing stories on Wattpad, they give you a nice little analytics dashboard to see how it’s performing among Wattpad readers.

This screen provides top-line metrics, like total Reads and Votes for your story. Wattpad readers can Vote for your story if they like it, which pushes it up the genre and tag rankings.

They also give you the breakdown of how many readers have Read or Voted for each chapter you publish. For instance, of my 5 total Reads, 4 of those are on chapter 1 of my story, while just 1 is on chapter 2.

Interesting note: my most impressive ranking by book tag (according to Wattpad’s algorithm) is #317 on the strong-female-character story list.

Active Community Forum

Wattpad’s community forum is accessed from a different URL, wattpadwriters.com, but these forums are lively. There are new threads every day, and some receive hundreds or thousands of replies. You can also reply directly to specific comments (similar to Reddit), or just like another user’s comment.

Again, the big downside is that you can’t access these forums via mobile. Maybe Wattpad is working on that (please?).

Gracious Community

Not only is Wattpad’s community active, but they are also generally really supportive. People ask newbie-type writing questions all the time, and they’re not downvoted into oblivion. I’m not familiar with Wattpad’s forum moderating policies, but I’d bet they work pretty hard to keep the vibe there positive.

A lot of social media platforms become elitist, with the top-ranked or best-performing users, by whatever metric, tend to create their own clique and exclude everyone else.

Wattpad doesn’t seem to be like that. Anyone can create a new thread and have it appear on the main page.

That does it for now. I hinted at a few things I don’t like so much about Wattpad, but overall, I think it’s a well-designed and welcoming place.

What about you? Any other Wattpad users out there? What’s your experience with it?

Steve D

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