Haiku Sunday – Rosebush


Potent perfume nose

with mellowing citrus notes,

like a spring meadow.

The above is another one of our home infusions: Hendrick’s gin infused with dried rose petals. If you’ve never tasted rose petal-infused liquor, it’s basically just perfume. It’s potent as hell.

So i mellowed it down into a rather tasty cocktail:

  • 1.5 oz rose petal-infused gin
  • 0.5 oz Triple Sec
  • Squeezed lemon juice

Surprisingly, the lemon juice works to cut down some of the perfume taste of the rose petal, and the Triple Sec and cranberry juice add just that little touch of sweetness required to balance the drink. It turned out to be refreshing and smooth.

Are you all enjoying these infusion haiku as much as I am?

Steve D

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