#AmConsuming: Stand-Up Comedy Fills the Void

Well, it’s been a full month and a half since I last did one of these. But that’s alright, because I have some new things to talk about!


Game of Thrones, HBO

Along with everybody else, obviously. This show has taken up more mental headspace over the last several weeks (not to mention 9 years) than I’d like to admit. Just know that I wasn’t ready for it to end, and I’m eagerly awaiting news about the next Westeros-adjacent story.

Everything Trump Touches Dies, Rick Wilson (Audible)

I reviewed this here.

Supergirl, Netflix

I talked about this in my last AmConsuming post, but I really enjoyed this show. Now I’m just waiting for season 4 to come out.

Firefly, Hulu

Yes, I finally watched Firefly on Hulu, and I now feel the pain of all the other fans for a show that inexplicably went for only 14 episodes. I didn’t bother looking at how many episodes there actualyl were as I watched them; I just knew in general that the show was cancelled prematurely.

But it ended right as I was really getting into the characters; when River’s powers were actually starting to manifest, and when the Old-West-style drawl coming from Nathan Fillion’s mouth started to be quirky and charming rather than just out of place.

Serenity is on Netflix, so I’ll probably watch that soon, even though I’ve heard it’s not great.


The Path of Daggers, Robert Jordan

I’m about halfway into this book, and I’m enjoying it. I’ve been reading it at a slower pace recently, and I forgot who one of the ostensibly minor side characters was. I did a quick search and ended getting a huge spoiler from the Wheel of Time fan-wiki page. Turns out this character is one of the Forsaken in disguise! This is like the third time this has happened.

Why didn’t Robert Jordan update his glossary with each installment so I didn’t unwittingly spoil myself?

Masters of the Planet: The Search for Our Human Origins, by Ian Tattersall (Audible)

This is not the first anthropology book I’ve read, but it’s probably the most academic. Tattersall traces the lineage and development of hominids from the late Pleistocene through our modern homo sapien ancestors. The narration can be dry, but it’s informative and to the point.

I’ll probably write more about it once I’m finished.

City of Bridges, by Stace Dumoski (Wattpad)

This is a young adult-ish fantasy story. The setting of a city with hundreds of bridges connecting it really caught my interest, and it’s very well written so far.


The Standups, Netflix

I’m not really watching any show in particular right now, so 30-minute stand-up comedy shows fit pretty well. I’ve really enjoyed Nate Bargatze, Nikki Glaser, Deon Cole, and Rachel Feinstein so far.

Another Short List

That’s about it for now. I’m certainly open to show suggestions if you want to get me hooked on another sci-fi/fantasy realm.

Steve D

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