This has been a stressful week at work and in life, and I basically haven’t accomplished any of the things I wanted to, such as publishing and announcing the next chapter of “The Grand Mythos”, and writing an actual post for today.

My son started at a new temporary daycare this week, and since he’s now one and very clingy to us (and especially the wife), I got to see him bawl his eyes out as I handed him off to one of the daycare providers.

And I know, every parent probably has to deal with that at some point, but it’s new for us, and it sucks.

The “Grand Mythos” chapter got held up in part because I’m still deciding whether to include a particular section in this chapter, or the next one. It probably doesn’t matter too much, but I’m taking the weekend to mull it over.

The stress continues in a different way this weekend, as we’re traveling to a wedding in NJ. The wedding will probably be great, and I’m excited to escort my aunt down to her seat at the start of the ceremony. There are just other family things around the wedding that I’ll have to deal with that I’m not excited about.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I’m hoping to return to some form next week. I’ve been on an Evanescence kick recently, and the above song just happens to fit thematically. Enjoy.

Steve D

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