2019 Marketing Goals: 3rd-Quarter Check-In

We have entered the final quarter of the year, and since I actually have a few meaningful updates to share, I wanted to check in on my marketing goals for 2019 as we hit the final stretch.

A few months ago, in my mid-year check-in, I revised my book marketing goals based on the (lack of) progress I had made to that point.

Revised Goals for 2019

  1. Sell 30 books.
  2. Earn 600 reads on my Wattpad story.
  3. Hit 600 followers on WordPress.
  4. Connect with other authors.

So where do we stand now?

30 Books Sold?

No, I haven’t had a ridiculous surge in sales in the last three months. But two sales have popped up on my Amazon account since I spoke in front of a class of high school creative writing students last week.

Adding in the book I gave to my friend in L.A. a couple weeks ago, I’ve unloaded 16 books this year. 12 of those came from Awesome Con, but 16 is a pretty solid number.

It’s time to think up some more engaging strategies to sell books going forward. More to come.

600 Reads on Wattpad?

Again, no, but as of Thursday night I have 69 reads on “The Grand Mythos of Úr’Dan”. That’s almost double what I had three months ago, so even if I don’t hit 600 reads by the end of this year, my story is clearly gaining a bit of traction.

I’ve already decided to stick with Wattpad, too, so once “Grand Mythos” is done, I have a couple other ideas to move onto to keep building my readership.

600 WordPress Followers?

We’re so close! 593 at the time of writing. I don’t know how people keep finding us, but it’s cool. Thanks guys!

Connect with Other Authors?

I’ve traded follows and comments with a few other writers on Wattpad. I’m not sure any of those folks will become more than Wattpad acquaintances, but it’s been cool to interact with people there.

Hopefully, I also left some sort of impression on the 20-some aspiring authors I spoke to last week. Two of them bought my book and may read it, but it would be cool if a few of them found me on NaNo, Wattpad, or one of the other authorly accounts I have.

I’d also like that speaking gig to be the first of many, but I need to look into how to actually get more.

4th-Quarter Feelings

Overall, I’m alright with where I’m at this year. My unemployment stint definitely put a damper on my book marketing efforts, so I can’t really blame myself for not doing more.

But the fact is, I definitely need to do more in 2020. I’m already brainstorming what those things may be, but they will certainly include:

  • More conventions
  • New Wattpad stories
  • Local bookstores

They may also include:

  • A new story not on Wattpad
  • More speaking gigs if I can find them

But first, let’s all get through the holidays.

Steve D

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