The Finale: “The Grand Mythos” Chapter 12

I’m really stoked to finally release the final chapter of “The Grand Mythos of Úr’Dan, Volume One”. Somehow it doesn’t feel like that long ago that I started publishing this story on Wattpad, but it’s been almost a year.

I intend to write a full retrospective post both on this story and my Wattpad experience this year, but just know that I’m really proud of this story, and I want you to read it.

Wattpad is free, which means you can read my story and a ton of other great stories just by creating an account and downloading the app (or just reading on your computer).

There is no Volume Two yet, but I’m already forming ideas around what that might entail. For now, I have other things to work on.

Genre: fantasy, high fantasy, mythic fantasy

Chapter Blurb: The First Life fulfill its true purpose, but to what end?

Series Blurb:

Every world has its origin story.

The vibrant world of Úr’Dan and the powerful beings who created it are eager to find life in the cosmos. But their untested powers will clash as they each strive to bring their vision of the universe to fruition–and control the wondrous creatures who live there. Witness the creation of a vibrant new world.

Based on the unique fantasy universe of the novel, The Warden of Everfeld: Memento.

As always, this story is free to read on Wattpad:

Thank you for reading if you have been, and even if you haven’t, thanks for following my progress.

Steve D

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