Moonlit Musings – Entropy

Breaking Down

The more I learn the less I wish to speak
Leaving the silence to be filled
With big business jingles and the smallest of talk
Thousands mingle with single minded density.
In proportion? An intense propensity to hibernate –
Simple desire – To be left alone.
Haven’t seen anything better than this pretty
Colorful, hollow plastic ‘good’:
plastic gods,
better neighborhoods,
fast cars, faster food,
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Concept Art – Poorly Educated but Well Read

Subtitled: “too poor to be classically educated and dwelling on it the more that I read”
OR “my education is so porous, I could fill a red well”

Occasionally I like my subtitles better than my title and get sidetracked in interestingly irrelevant ways.

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Baltimore Prose – Temple, Bottle, Athlete – SD

“This City is Our Temple”

Ramps and bridges vault overhead between soaring plate-glass buildings, mirroring the heavens, reflections of our own sense of wonder. Their steel bones and cement feet shield us from the wild night, when the demons come calling; nightmarish designs of flesh or mere shadows. Continue reading “Baltimore Prose – Temple, Bottle, Athlete – SD”