Moonlit Musings – Entropy

Breaking Down

The more I learn the less I wish to speak
Leaving the silence to be filled
With big business jingles and the smallest of talk
Thousands mingle with single minded density.
In proportion? An intense propensity to hibernate –
Simple desire – To be left alone.
Haven’t seen anything better than this pretty
Colorful, hollow plastic ‘good’:
plastic gods,
better neighborhoods,
fast cars, faster food,
No pain and no scars.

Novocain to free the youth
Who needs truth when comfort is quicker?
Comfort of the body, atrophy of the mind,
Sign of the time – entropy in motion.
We’re all breaking down.
The drugs aren’t as potent
(And don’t you know it?)
Nothing tastes as rich
When the poverty hits;
Fits of rage at being always stuck
On the very same page.

Learning little but enough –
Why speak to be ignored?
Nothing said is as pretty, as vibrant, as easy
As what plays on the TV.
The quiet’s got to be stuffed to capacity
With a veracity of those afraid of their own thoughts:
Because something is better than nothing.

Jessie Gutierrez

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