Friday Update: Short Story First Draft!

My new schedule is awesome. I have a new schedule at work, by the way. For well over a year I had been trudging through an early shift, 6am to 3pm. I loved having a full afternoon of daylight ahead of me when I got home, and I even enjoyed being in the office a solid three hours before most everyone else — 3 hours of peace and quiet before the fluorescent lights blazed and the coffee machines were overrun with empty mugs waiting to be filled.

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Creativity Sessions: Let Your Characters Write the Story

I forget sometimes that others can help pull you out of creative ruts. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to finish Manuscript: Alpha of “Jaed and Aston” this week, mostly by telling my alpha readers that I was almost done.

Then, I hit a narrative point that felt messy and too drawn out. I fussed over wording, I tried to find a shortcut (which I do not like admitting), I brainstormed a whole bunch. And then I happened upon an interview that gave me the jolt I needed. Continue reading “Creativity Sessions: Let Your Characters Write the Story”

June’s Theme – From Head Banging To Gentle Swaying – JG

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what inspires me and it seems like the answer is only found in things out of my control: an extreme situation, someone else’s provocation, death, unexpected disaster. Thus, I am now on the lookout, or in this case listen out, for material that moves me, without uprooting my entire emotional wellbeing. Music has been a popular muse for so many writers, why not make her this month’s theme: Continue reading “June’s Theme – From Head Banging To Gentle Swaying – JG”