Friday Write-Day: The Joy of Writing

Sometimes, inspiration comes, not when you least expect, but in the manner you least expect.

I sat down last night and started reading through another section of my beta manuscript. It was going well, until the slightest moment of distraction sent my wheels spinning in a totally different direction.

So instead of continuing my read-through or working on my second novel, I wrote an 800-word blog that won’t even be posted for another month+.

I’m not mad. I quite enjoyed writing that post, actually. It’s just funny how inspiration works sometimes. Now I have a blog ready for mid-January!

Needless to say, that jolt of inspiration kept me from completing my goals this week: less than one chapter read through, and less than 1,000 words written. The good news is that I really like the chapter I read, and I really like the 1,000 words I wrote.

Making Time to Write

I’m still finding it difficult to carve a consistent block of time out of my days to write. Part of the issue is that I have been getting up later. My new position at work has much more flexible hours. This is not always an advantage to someone with a proclivity for sleeping in.

I’m okay with working 9-5:30 or 6, but waking up at 8:15 isn’t cutting it. It just does not leave me enough time in the day. So I’m trying to force myself out of bed at 7 so I can make myself clean and proper, take my dog for a walk, have breakfast, and maybe have 30 minutes or so to myself before I leave for work.

30 minutes of early morning inspiration could be 500 words written on my novel or a blog, of a chapter read, or even just catching up on my Netflix backlog.

The point is, I think this lifestyle change will help me ease into my work day more, and give me more time to dedicate to the things I really care about: namely, books, eating, and my pup. (My wife too, obviously, but she leaves for work around the time I should be waking up!)

So this coming week, my focus will be less on the number  of words I write, and more on changing my overall habits. A relatively open weekend gives me some flexibility with writing time too, so that helps.

Goals for 12/15:

  1. Write 2,000 words
  2. Read through 2 chapters
  3. GTFO of bed at 7am Monday-Friday

What are your goals for the week?

Steve D

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