On Actually Having a Positive Impact

The high school creative writing class I visited a couple weeks ago wrote a thank you card for me!

Their teacher (a friend of mine) also let me know that a few of her students had asked for a copy of my presentation, so she shared an outline I had prepared and sent along. A lot of them also wrote about it in their class reflections.

I’m genuinely thrilled to see and hear that my presentation had a positive impact on these kids.

I don’t want to keep bugging my friend, since she, you know, has a class to teach. Or several, actually. But now I want to know how these kids do with NaNoWriMo this month, and if they use any of the techniques or tips I shared in my presentation.

Speaking of National Novel Writing Month — I’ve written more in the last three days than in the previous two months.

At least according to my word count. I’m currently taking the several pages of story I wrote in my journal and using it to pad my actual first draft, my NaNo word count, and my writing ego.

I’m hoping to continue that pattern this week. I’m currently in northern Virginia, attending a three-day training seminar. Because I’m in northern Virginia, and not a real city, there will be very little to distract me from writing in the evenings.

So, hopefully I’ll have some solid writing progress to report at the end of the week. I haven’t officially decided to do weekly updates during NaNo, but it might be fun.

It would be even more fun if I knew any of you fine folks were writing with me. Who else is doing NaNo?

Steve D

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