15 on the 15th: Where the Arizona moon met the Arizona sun

State Motto: Ditat Deus
… And when that fails, music does the job for him.

Disclaimer: The sun is setting early, the night rising up and defeating the day after minimal battle. ‘Tis brooding conditions methinks. This playlist reflects that mood.

Chester Bennington

Of Linkin Park, Of Stone Temple Pilots, Of Dead By Sunrise. The hole he left remains.

Black Carl

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Misplaced Missive #12 – Knowing

Even though this is listed as number 12, this is the real first missive. I wrote a letter to a good friend after finding out a dangerous secret when we were 15 or 16. Once I had crumbled the loose-leaf I had been carefully wording my concerns on, and resigned myself to silence, I broke out a five star spiral notebook and scribbled this out a handful of pages in. It’s 12 only in that that was how many pages I buried it into the notebook that would soon become the home of all 215 misplaced missives. 

What I really want to say to you,
I know I can never say.
It would break you to know,
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Chester Bennington and a Cheap-Feeling Writing Update

I was 12 when Hybrid Theory came out, and I remember listening to it on my walkman in my room until I knew all of the words to every song. I fondly remember it as the soundtrack to my life ages 12-13.

I’m not going to write a post about Chester Bennington. Jessie pretty well covered my own feelings on this news yesterday.

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Linkin Park Hunts for a More Expansive Sound

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Upon hearing the first single from Linkin Park’s sixth studio album, I was intrigued by the heavier sound. “Guilty All the Same” teased an album full of heartbeat rhythms, pounding distortion riffs, and the familiar wailing of lead vocalist Chester Bennington that were the early earmarks of the group.

However, this is not the Nu-Metal sound that Linkin Park became known for with 2000’s Hybrid Theory and 2003’s Meteora. The Hunting Party brings to us a heavier, alternative rock sound lacking  some of the hip-hop inspired sound effects and backdrops some LP fans may have expected. Continue reading “Linkin Park Hunts for a More Expansive Sound”