15 on the 15th: Where the Arizona moon met the Arizona sun

State Motto: Ditat Deus
… And when that fails, music does the job for him.

Disclaimer: The sun is setting early, the night rising up and defeating the day after minimal battle. ‘Tis brooding conditions methinks. This playlist reflects that mood.

Chester Bennington

Of Linkin Park, Of Stone Temple Pilots, Of Dead By Sunrise. The hole he left remains.

Black Carl

Out of Tempe.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

RIP Tyson Stevens

Jimmy Eat World

Nine albums released and it all started in Mesa, AZ in 1993.

Lindsey Stirling

Snake! Snake! Snakes!

Chronic Future

Out of Scottsdale.

Gin Blossoms



32 Leaves

Disbanded in ’09.

Stevie Nicks

Of Fleetwood Mac

Future Loves Past

The Kongos

A band of four brothers born elsewhere, but began in AZ.

Authority Zero

Also out of Mesa.

Stellar Kart

Christian rock.

An upbeat ending for the beaten up.

Jessie Gutierrez

Honorable Mention:
DJ Z-Trip
Linda Ronstadt
Dierks Bentley

Special Thanks to 10,000 Maniacs for the title.

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