REblog Wednesday: Where To Discover New Music x4

Confession time! I have an obsession. It includes, but is not limited to, the following: rock, metal, indie, alternative, pop punk, r&b, hard rock, hip hop, and reggaeton. My iTunes library currently exceeds 15 thousand songs and is ever growing. Much like my physical book library, it continues to expand out of control.

I have been called a hoarder more than once.
I may have a problem.

Luckily for youuuuuu, all this means is that I have developed many a way to discover new fuel to satisfy my addiction. Listed below is my list of a few music finding resources. Continue reading “REblog Wednesday: Where To Discover New Music x4”

15 on the 15th: Maryland

Welcome to the Old Line State, where the music is almost as cool as the flag:

Good Charlotte – The Motivation Proclamation

I don’t care what anyone thinks about GC, they inspire all of the MD pride and nostalgia in me especially now that I no longer live there. Originally from Waldorf, they will always be first on my list. Continue reading “15 on the 15th: Maryland”

After Silence….

I miss music. I do. It’s so strange, music hasn’t gone anywhere, but I just haven’t been looking for it the way I used to. RedString started because of poetry, yes, but also because of music. Stevie and I traded mix tapes of songs we love and thought worthy of sharing and discussing and dwelling on. I miss dwelling on things outside my own head.

AND THUS BEGINS: Continue reading “After Silence….”