REblog Wednesday: Where To Discover New Music x4

Confession time! I have an obsession. It includes, but is not limited to, the following: rock, metal, indie, alternative, pop punk, r&b, hard rock, hip hop, and reggaeton. My iTunes library currently exceeds 15 thousand songs and is ever growing. Much like my physical book library, it continues to expand out of control.

I have been called a hoarder more than once.
I may have a problem.

Luckily for youuuuuu, all this means is that I have developed many a way to discover new fuel to satisfy my addiction. Listed below is my list of a few music finding resources.

1. Thissongissick

This website is awesome for when you want a wide variety of music you’ve never heard before; chances are the majority of artists will be new to you (they usually are for me). Just so you know: genres really range, from chillstep to rap to genres I have no idea how to label so click with an open mind.

Discovery Mode: Random Chaos

2. 8Tracks

Playlists! So basically, you type in your mood and/or current activity and 8Tracks will give you playlists to choose from, all made with loving care by actual humans. None of this computer generated nonsense here. It’s a little like trading themed mixtapes with a someone you don’t know.

Discovery Mode: Trusting in Benevolent Strangers

3. Gnoosic

Enter three artists you love, Exit ten or so artists suggestions
So this site requires a little more homework on your end, but it’s definitely worth it when you find a new band to love. I usually have this up in one window and youtube up in the next, plugging Gnoosic’s recommendations in as it spits them out.

Discovery Mode: Time Investment

4. Musicroamer

If you liked Gnoosic’s general idea, this site is like its flashier cousin. It still gives recommendations of bands you may like once you’ve given a band you already love, however, Musicroamer does it one better by giving you samples of songs from each of their suggestions. Also? By clicking on each suggestion, you can then get even more suggestions based on that band/artist. It’s a beautiful, stretching spider web of auditory wonder.

Discovery Mode: Quick Finds

Hope this list was as helpful in your endeavors as it has been in mine!

Jessie Gutierrez

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