After Silence….

I miss music. I do. It’s so strange, music hasn’t gone anywhere, but I just haven’t been looking for it the way I used to. RedString started because of poetry, yes, but also because of music. Stevie and I traded mix tapes of songs we love and thought worthy of sharing and discussing and dwelling on. I miss dwelling on things outside my own head.


15 on the 15th: 15 songs on the 15th of each month
First 51 playlists? A shout out to artists grouped by state of origin (plus DC)
Disclaimer: not all band members may be from stated state. Perhaps they just formed in that state or live there now. Who knows?
Please remember that this mix is by no means exhaustive; I’m just gifting you a travel mix in case you shall need it, not listing any and all artists/bands/etc from each.

This is both your warning and your promise, friends!

Jessie Gutierrez

Ones and fives and fives and ones. This post comes to you on one one five, be ready for the first mix on one one one five!

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”
Aldous Huxley

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