Rock Song – Saving Ze World – JG

OK, so the theme was totally saving the world and my entry veers heavily into destroying it instead. Whoops? At least I stuck to the structure XD


Devil in the Details, Monster in the Music

‘It’s a symphony and everyone’s in the band’,
Said a wise man to a crowded room,
That might as well have been empty,
For all the impact he made. Continue reading “Rock Song – Saving Ze World – JG”

Rock Song – Speeding Toward Nothing – JG

The continuous loop, where I know every turn,
Leaning inward at the slight curve,
All familiar, all easy, it’s all beginning to blur
Lap after lap of routine and automatic responses.
Trapped in the rut of this orbit –
Circling stability and comfort.
Too scared to put in the effort
To break free and be more. Continue reading “Rock Song – Speeding Toward Nothing – JG”

May’s Theme – Mayday! Abort! *insert screaming terror here*

This month is off to a terrible start already (notice this is a week late, I suck) and I just want it to be over with. If only life had a fast forward button to get through all the bad ish and jump right into the good. Or even just a warning system like Genie above or Spidey senses. Are superpowers and mythological allies really too much to ask for?? Continue reading “May’s Theme – Mayday! Abort! *insert screaming terror here*”

January’s Theme: Vino y Sangre

Wine is traditionally symbolic of socially constructed things: celebrations and ceremonies, class and culture, elegance in communication and conversation. It’s an art with finesse and attention to detail, and when done right, holds complexity and character in every sip. Wine is classic.

Blood, meanwhile, is all about power. It rushes and demands all of its own volition; there is nothing made but what it makes. It’s aggression and passion and force and instinct and it pushes you to work its will. It’s all emotion and best felt when its owner is out of control. Blood is fierce. Continue reading “January’s Theme: Vino y Sangre”