Color Schemes – If I Must – JG

The flame in all of us
Fire as inspiration
Soul afire, burning strong
Creativity’s companion –
A mate, a match, a song

A brightest of bright blaze
Purifying grace
A beauty of impossible kindness
None could deny this;
All but extinguished,
Relinquished spark and
Forgotten art.
All for the heart?
Question the intention. Question the mark.
Start again.
– Burn Anew –
Who can fuel the fire?

Your white hot flame,
Your ambition, Your creation, Your work
Always warmed me.
Always dwarfed me
With its power.
And now I scour the Earth
For just a glimpse of its light
That you gave away in favor of…
Something that has gone on so long that it must be right?
Out of sight, out of your mind
How could you sacrifice greatness for safety?
Perhaps with the same struggle as I now yield
Honesty to the silence you can handle.
It hurts me to watch you fade to ashes,
But if you wish, and if you will, and if I must:
Then so shall it, and you, be.
Nothing but dust.

How can one of my kind survive
If one of yours could not?

For clearly
White outshines green,
The green that tainted me
Shimmers of leaves in the flickering.
The copper of blood corrupts my flame,
The reminder of pain
Streaks through all my endeavors
and I’m not clever enough to leave the past behind,
Instead the smeared ash
Of all I can’t forget
Is blended into every line
Written, drawn, designed.

Black, bold lines
Of omission’s lies and nature’s crimes
and childhood’s cries
For mercy and salvation and oblivion.
Would I erase it all away
And let someone else take the heat?

For if I must burn?
Let me burn bright.
Especially if I am to be alone.

Jessie Gutierrez

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