Friday Write-Day: Revisions Abound


Revising 12 pages minimum per day has been… more work than I had imagined. So far, I’ve done all right in revising The Warden of Everfeld: Memento — 98 pages in and about a day behind my pace to finish September 23, as planned. I hope to catch up and build a nice cushion for myself this weekend.

I suppose it should not be too surprising that revising a novel actually takes longer than just reading it. But the number of notes, marks, and line edits I’ve been making on each page is. Six weeks away from my story has given me some great perspective. I obviously still know the main beats of the story, but I do not necessarily know what to expect on each page, in each line of dialogue.

That makes the revision process exciting. I find myself wanting  to sit down and revise my story all day. And I’m enjoying reading it.

Allow me to repeat that point. I am fully enjoying reading The Warden of Everfeld: Memento, even with a more critical eye. When I finished the first draft back in July, I was happy just to have completed my novel. I knew that the quality was less than my best, but it was an achievement all the same. While my alpha readers have been reading and revising my story, one thought has stuck out to me. I was not concerned with how many plotholes they found — or how large — or which scenes felt inconsistent with the characters’ arcs. I was prepared mentally for all of that.

But I wanted my readers to enjoy the story, to believe that with some more work, that I was capable of writing a good novel with a compelling plot and characters that they could love. I feel like I’m on my way there, because  find the plot compelling and I love the characters. And in talking with some of them about their preliminary impressions, I think at least one or two of them think the same. Maybe I’m biased (definitely), but that’s an encouraging feeling.

And it has propelled my desire to make WoEM the best it can possibly be. For me, that’s an achievement all its own.

What I’m reading: Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin

I first read through the A Song of Ice and Fire series six years ago when the HBO show premiered. I decided to start re-reading the novels in the desperate hope that Martin will release book six, The Winds of Winter, sometime next spring and I’ll be caught up enough to read it. Either way, I’m enjoying GoT, even though I know the story all too well.

What’s next on my shelf: Lord of Chaos,  by Robert Jordan

As easy as it would be for me to read the entire Wheel of Time series straight through, I try to vary my reading selection between books. But this is obviously my first choice.

What I’m listening to: Earthside, “Mob Mentality”

Progressive metal has invaded my headphones at work this week with ambient, heart-pounding arrangements. Take a trip with Earthside’s overture featuring Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust notoriety and the Moscow Studio symphony Orchestra. The video is great too!

Steve D

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