Friday Write-Day: When People Actually Support Your Writing


Writing took a bit of a halt this week, but not entirely for the wrong reasons. I spent a few days talking with one of my alpha readers and going through the next phase of my manuscript — phase 2.

He gave me his notes and feedback on about three chapters’ worth of Manuscript: Alpha as I am preparing to rewrite them for Beta.

So that allowed me to set my sights on what’s directly in front of me to an extent.

Then, I got sick.

I’ve tried to write here and there, but nothing substantial.

I’ve also been distracted by the support I’ve gotten for my short story, “Wolf’s Moon Night”, from friends and family. I posted a link to the story on my personal Facebook page and got comments/likes from a whole lot of people I did not expect. I’ve kept my writing mostly to myself to this point, so it’s incredible to see that kind of support.

I have no idea how many people have actually read the story, but that’s okay. I still feel the love.

You can read it here, by the way:

Let me know what you think! A couple people have already, and I greatly appreciate their feedback.

It doesn’t even feel like Friday, but time for a new goal for this week.

Goal for 2/17: 65,000 words

Hopefully this cold won’t shake up my weekend. Cheers!

Steve D

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