Reblog Wednesday – Zen Pencils

We’re going to start reblogging and/or linking one essay, article, or blog we find interesting, emotive, or hilarious each Wednesday, because sharing is caring.

Taking a few steps away from the last reblog Wednesday, this week I’m highlighting a site I stumbled upon recently: Zen Pencils.

The tagline is ‘Cartoon Quotes From Inspirational Folks’, which is adorably catchy. My pup was sick last night, (she’s ok now thank the PTB) so I stayed up with her; there are 208 comics to date, of which I have read 197. Needless to say, I find them wildly creative and addictive.

So… Need a motivational pick me up in colorful cartoon form? Swing by =) Art is created by Gavin Aung Than, a young artist based in Australian. Here’s hoping he keeps up the great work!

Jessie Gutierrez

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