Friday Write-Day: Back to Work!

Sigh… to be a traveler for the rest of my life. That’s my dream, I think.

Alas, perhaps when I am rich and famous I can live a life of exploration and adventure.

Real life hits hard. Nothing really went wrong this week after returning from our amazing trip to Croatia, but the last three days have still been a readjustment period for me.

I managed to write a little last night just to get back into the groove a bit, but other things kept me from any heavy writing. For one, my cousin is in town from Hawai’i, so it was awesome to catch up with him the other night. And catching up on all of the social media and news cycles I totally ignored while I was away (very deliberately) has taken up a fair amount of my time.

Anyway, I’m still confident about where I’m headed with my story for the next few weeks. I definitely want to churn out a good chunk this weekend just to give myself a boost before the weekday grind. Monday through Thursday really is the toughest stretch of my writing schedule.

Goal for 4/28: 120,000 words

That’s a lofty goal of 11,000 words this week, but I might as well aim high. Writing 5-6k this weekend will put me well on my way to this goal.


Steve D

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