Misplaced Missive #102 – Savage

Children holding council;
His fate in our hands,
Sins of the father,
Punishment demanded.

Don’t be surprised,
When you treat your daughters,
Like mongrels, they turn into monsters.
In your time of weakness,
We answer with the savagery of starved wolves.

No empathy for synthetic tears, cries,
Or attempts to justify your need.
We know you now. Know your lies.
You can’t manipulate, and deceive us,
Into domesticated obedience once again.

Reap what you sow,
To you, we owe,

Instant, instinctual verdict.
He deserves this.
Let him rot; Let him suffer.
Howl with the tempest of this temper,
Let him hear; Let him know.
He deserves this storm.

Jessie Gutierrez

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