Quick Rip: Foo Fighters are Back and Evolved… Again!

The latest single from Foo Fighters, “The Sky is a Neighborhood”,seems to take a lot of elements from their Sonic Highways Experiment.

The dry sounding drums (where there is little echo or reverberation) make the intro feel empty, as if Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl were playing into a great void.

The ethereal presence of Rami Jaffee’s keys heighten an uncharacteristically flat composition. Jaffee’s inclusion as an official member of Foos seems to add an extra potential layer to their music, where the guitars of Grohl, Pat Smear, and Chris Shiflett have traditionally harmonized and added depth to their songs.

The chorus and refrain are reminiscent of blues, or even gospel, and the tones hearken back to the Sonics Highways song “What Did I Do / God As My Witness”, which was recorded in Austin.

With the previously released “Run”, a traditional Foo Fighters banger, the upcoming Concrete and Gold seems to blend what we’re used to hearing from Foo Fighters and yet another evolution of their sound, taking their collaborations with so many artists to add variant undertones to their music.

Steve D

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