Post-Xmas Relaxation Post!

I didn’t feel like writing a full post, and I’m sure nobody wants to read a full post. I hope those of you working have an easy day before the post-holiday new-year rushes.

And anyone with a day off, I hope you are relaxing in comfort and contentment.

Here are a few videos to blast in the office or for any family lounging about. Continue reading “Post-Xmas Relaxation Post!”

Upcoming Albums to Look Out For

You should all know by now that I love music. 2017 has been pretty quiet for me on that front. Aside from discovering a couple more bands, I’ve only been to a few concerts this year, with one more definitely on the way and two more I’d like to make.

Luckily, some of my favorites are due to release albums in the near future. Here’s what my upcoming music listening slate will look like. Continue reading “Upcoming Albums to Look Out For”

Which Music Cities Deserve Sonic Highways 2?

So the news of the Foo Fighters signing on to do another season of Sonic Highways with HBO broke about 2 months ago, which means this is not timely. However, it’s something I’ve been pondering recently since I just saw the Foo Fighters live about a month ago (Dave Grohl guitar throne and all) and binge-watched season one of Sonic Highways.

Grohl hinted at where the second season may or may not take place. It’s not surprising that they’re not giving it away too soon, but I started thinking about where they could go. Leaving aside the speculation that they might do a season across the pond, which 8 North American cities could be featured in season two? Continue reading “Which Music Cities Deserve Sonic Highways 2?”

Quick Rip: Is This What Country Rock is Supposed to Sound Like?

My frame of reference for country music includes classic artists like Ray Charles (who took gospel and country, added a little soul to it, and essentially invented R&B) and Johnny Cash (duh.); modern singers/songwriters like Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift (before she officially moved to pop with RED); and whatever the hell this is supposed to be. I don’t listen to a lot of modern  or pop country music, and based on what I’ve heard, the genre doesn’t appeal to me all that much. Continue reading “Quick Rip: Is This What Country Rock is Supposed to Sound Like?”