Post-Xmas Relaxation Post!

I didn’t feel like writing a full post, and I’m sure nobody wants to read a full post. I hope those of you working have an easy day before the post-holiday new-year rushes.

And anyone with a day off, I hope you are relaxing in comfort and contentment.

Here are a few videos to blast in the office or for any family lounging about.

“Everlong” is a strange way to start a Christmas medley, but these guys make it work, as always.

I’m not religious at all, but I grew up with Christmas carols, as I’m sure many others did. “Little Drummer Boy” is one of my favorites, just melodically. These guys put on the best performance of it I’ve ever seen, with all of the energy I imagined the song could have been performed with.

(Another deeply religious song I happen to enjoy is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” I recommend watching that one by For King and Country as well.)

Everyone knows TSO’s incredible version of this classic, but even that feels slightly overplayed around this time of year. I still think it’s cool that TSO has become a normal part of holiday traditions now.

But Lindsey Stirling may be one of the few musicians with both the talent and vision to evolve this classic into another modern form. Her video production team is amazing.

That’s all I got for now.

Steve D

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