Friday Write-Day: Preparing for the Next Step

This week’s ‘tween-holiday lull has been a welcome break for me. It’s allowed me to really focus on preparing for the next steps — in writing, at work, and in life.

Consider this my pre-New Year planning post.

I read through 3 chapters of The Warden of Everfeld: Memento this week, one less than my goal, but I’m satisfied. I have two more chapters and the epilogue to go. I’ll probably put a little extra time into the final few chapters, since I wrote them the most recently, and I want to ensure they’re as tight as can be.

I’m planning to finish them by Sunday and send them off to my editor.

Obviously, she will not be able to revise them before the New Year, as we had (optimistically) discussed. But that’s okay. We’ll discuss an appropriate timeline for her to finish the final chapters.

Once I have a firmer date in mind, I can really start planning my 2018. But for now, here’s where my head’s at.

Tentative Plans for 2018

  1. My first priority will be getting the final version of my cover for WoEM. I’m still working with my illustrator on that. I have some plans about when and where I will release that for the first time, along with the title card for my short story, “Wolf’s Moon Night”.
  2. Once I send the final section of my beta manuscript to my editor, I’m going to give it about a week before I delve into implementing her revisions on the first chapter. I’ll need to go through the first couple of chapters before I really know how much effort it will take to revise the entire novel, but I have an ambitious deadline in mind.
  3. While working on the third draft, I’ll also be digging into all of the extra stuff that comes with book publication: ISBNs, copyright, finding a book designer, etc.

I’m aiming to publish in the first half of 2018. That’s all I’m comfortable saying right now, because I simply do not know yet how much work my revisions will take.

I have a heading, though, and that counts.

Goals for 1/5
  1. Complete read-throughs of Manuscript: Beta by 12/31 and send them to my editor.
  2. Prepare publishing/marketing plans for my short story title card and recent podcast interview.
  3. Wake. Up. Earlier.

Steve D

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