Numberbrag: 10,000 Visitors

Life has moved so quickly over the last month or so that I’ve hardly had time to even look at my blog stats. Don’t get me wrong, I still check them nearly every day (it’s compulsive), but I haven’t paid too much attention to some of the bigger numbers recently.

We’ve hit a few solid milestones over the last couple of weeks, and it’s high-time I high-five myself over them. (Jessie! Virtual high-five!)

Big Milestones Come and Gone

First off, we’ve surpassed a few big milestones with hardly a whisper.

  • All-Time Views: 16,000+
  • All-Time Visitors: 10,000+
  • All-Time Posts: 600+

That’s kind of nuts. I don’t think either Jessie or I ever expected we’d make it this far when we started this website on the basis of swapping mixed CDs.

10,000 visitors is the really amazing number to me. On 10,000 different occasions, a random person has decided to visit our website. I hope each of you has liked what you found.

Real Growth

2017 has also been a big year for us. Even with the summer doldrums of late May to late July, we have hit 600+ views every single month so far. We’re on pace to do so again in August. We’re also averaging a minimum of 20 views per day

For the entire year…

It’s August!

16 of our posts this year have hit 20 views, which has to be the most ever. 5 hit 30+.

One older post has also emerged as a long-term grower. After being published in November 2015, my review of The Martian has 72 views this year so far. I have no idea why, but I’ll take it.

We’re currently on pace to surpass 2016’s Views and Visitors totals in the next month or two. At some point, I’ll run some PPC campaigns to bring more eyes to our site, so that will push our numbers up even more.

So thank you to everyone who visits this website. We really do hope you enjoy what you find here. We’ll keep plugging along.

Steve D

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