Friday Write-Day: Writing Rhythm Attained

Greetings from New Jersey! We drove up this morning to visit with family this weekend. This has always been my excuse to not go shopping on Black Friday — not that I need an excuse.

NaNo isn’t happening for me this year. I’ve been tracking my progress for every writing session, but I’m nowhere near my re-calibrated goal of 12,000 words written this month.

Luckily, I’ve fallen into a decent rhythm of writing about 500 words each session. So basically, it took me three weeks to find my rhythm. Now that I have I’m focused more on maintaining it and trying to tick upwards towards the 800-1,000 word range per writing session.

My goal now has little to do with NaNo. I just want to keep writing at a solid clip. I also need to complete my read-throughs for WoEM, so I’m aiming to complete that by the end of the year.

Writing Goals for 12/1: Write 4,000 words to finish out NaNo strong
Also read through one chapter of WoEM

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I hope it’s filled with family, friends, and leftovers.

Steve D

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