Friday Write-Day: Some Announcements that Have Little to Do with Writing!

This is going to be a weird update. I can’t even tell you what my word count for the week is, because I was preoccupied with other awesome things.

So… this End-of-NaNo update has very little to do with NaNo. Continue reading “Friday Write-Day: Some Announcements that Have Little to Do with Writing!”

Haiku Sunday NaNo 2017 Edition – Name


Is your connection

to your ancestors defined

only by your name?

I completely forgot to announce the NaNo 2017 edition of Haiku Sunday! Just as I’ve done for NaNo 2015 and NaNo 2016, my weekly haiku throughout this November will be based on themes from my NaNo project, The Warden of Everfeld: Legacy. Continue reading “Haiku Sunday NaNo 2017 Edition – Name”

Witness My Self-Bribery: An Attempt To Manipulate Myself

I cannot stay focused, I have no motivation, and I loooooooove to procrastinate. Do you see all those ‘o’s? That’s a lot of love, people!

In an attempt to remedy this lack in my writing life, I have decided to resort to bribing myself. Of course, if I tell no one, then there’s no one to hold me accountable, hence: I’m pulling you folks in, to act as hawk-eyed witnesses! I both thank and dislike you all, in advance. Continue reading “Witness My Self-Bribery: An Attempt To Manipulate Myself”