Friday Write-Day: Family Writing Night!

Well, well, well, nine days through NaNo and look where we are!

Can you guess?If you guessed that I blew my goal for this week’s NaNo start out of the water, well…

I apologize for nothing.

As of last night, I have written 1,773 words so far. That’s… not great, but I’m alright with it. This NaNo is an opportunity for me to rediscover my writing habit in a new environment. I anticipated that that would take some time.

What’s been more exciting this year is that my wife has joined NaNo! Yes, RSPC’s own PW is participating in NaNoWriMo.

I have taken a vow of secrecy on her writing, so I can’t go into details. But I twisted her arm convinced her to give it a shot this year. She has definitely created a NaNo profile and even given a title to her book. I can confirm nothing else.

Last night, however, we sat on the couch together to write for a while, with the pup sleeping between us. Obviously, this quickly devolved into looking at memes and shopping for appliances online, but it’s a start.

She writes occasionally on her own time, and I think she has a cool concept for a story. Maybe this weekend we can write for a whole hour!

With 21 days left, I need to average 1,345 words per day to reach 30,000. That’s still not as daunting as 1,667, or 2,000. I’m confident I can do it.

NaNo Goal for 11/17: 12,000

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