Friday Write-Day: Am I Confident or Just Naive?

As I’ve already written several times, revision for my third manuscript of WoEM have gone rather smoothly. I’ve had to rewrite a couple of sections, or rethink my character arcs, but overall, I feel really good about where this story is in this more polished iteration.

Am I crazy?

Something has shifted in my mind in regards to this novel. I have gone from naive arrogance (Manuscript: Alpha), to thankful but still slightly abashed humility (Alpha readers), to crippling uncertainty (beta revisions), to simple pleasure with a dash of nerves (my editor’s revisions), to now… confidence.

I feel like I have a really good book on my hands. I enjoy it. I truly believe it is worth some stranger’s money and time to read.

Maybe I have over-trained my brain to have terribly low expectations of actual sales. It’s easy to feel good about a book you don’t expect anyone to read, right?

But I don’t feel intimidated by the prospect of people reading this book. I know that some people won’t like it. Some will even hate it — which, let’s be real, is utter insanity.

Alright, that was arrogant. My bad.

But the point is, I’m in a steady place right now. I have no doubt that I can finish Manuscript: Charlie by the end of the month. Or that I can read through the entire thing a couple more times to shore up the styling.

I have my cover. My marketing materials and strategy are taking shape. I know that I will be paying for book design services, and I know how much money to budget for that. I have a firmer grasp of which paltforms I will be publishing through to start out (CreateSpace and Kindle, probably), and I know about when I want to publish.

Around May, either mid-May, or early June, just after I return from a trip to England for a friend’s wedding.

I’ve kept that timeline hidden in my mind for a couple of months now, caging it in my fingers as if might flutter away, but trying not to crush it. Think Gandalf and the moth on Isengard.

Image result for gandalf moth

But now, I think that is reasonable and legitimate goal. If the pieces fall into place as I believe they will, I will publish this book by June.

Am I out of my mind? Because at this point, I kind of don’t care. I like this!

Oh Right, My Revisions

I revised just over 34,000 words this week, and I’m now well over halfway through my manuscript. Even with a couple of lazier-than-intended days, I managed to match last week’s output.

107,000 words revised; 97,000 words to go. That’s an average of just under 5,000 words per day for the next twenty days. Easy.

My pace of 4,000 per hour has increased a bit. I haven’t done the math, but I think it’s now something like 5,000 words per hour. Twenty hours of work is nothing.

Once I complete Manuscript: Charlie, I think I will read the novel in its entirety — backwards. I’ve read on numerous blogs that this is a great way to catch simple spelling, grammar, and wording errors without getting bogged down in the narration.

Then, I will read the story through at least one more time. That doesn’t seem like a lot to me, but I have to cut the cord at some point, right? We’ll find out when we get there.

Goals for 2/16:
  1. Revise 35,000 words of WoEM
  2. Line up my promotional efforts with newly acquired marketing materials
  3. Wake. Up. I managed to wake up at a reasonable time… three times? So that’s more than half of the work week.

Steve D

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