Friday Write-Day: What a Week

Apologies for the delayed posting. As I mentioned last week, I was out of town for a work conference for three days this week.

I had a great time and enjoyed meeting a lot of my colleagues, but it was a bit of a whirlwind week.

One thing I learned about work trips: the work never really stops.

Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t turn my work-brain off, even after I had retired to my hotel room for the evening. I ended up on my work laptop until 11 pm or midnight trying to cram in little tasks I had neglected during the conference.

The only respite I was able to give myself was a 40-minute stint at the surprisingly nice fitness center in the hotel. I had expected to find only a few machines in a room about the size of my cubicle, which is what most hotel “fitness centers” consist of.

This fitness center was actually a mini gym, with a full dumbbell rack, six or eight machines, including a standing cable rack, and a dozen or so varied cardio machines. They even had an aerobics room with medicine balls and a punching bag.

I was impressed.

Needless to say, I got 0 revising done during this trip. By the time I got home Thursday night after an overlong layover in Chicago, I was not up to it.

I revised 35,000 words last weekend, which was my goal for the weekend, but that’s as far as I got. I really need a big week in order to catch up and maintain my complete date of 2/28.

Oh shit, that’s next week! I believe I have 35,000 words left to revise, so that’s my focus.

Goals for 3/2:
  1. Revise 35,000 words by 2/28, completing Manuscript: Charlie of WoEM
  2. Get back on a normal sleep schedule

Steve D

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