Friday Write-Day: Taking Infants in Public?!

This week flew by. It’s one of those weeks where I feel like I did a lot, but I have to stop and think about it.

We brought Nugget to a craft festival outside Baltimore last Saturday. He was much beloved by many people who stopped to ask us about him. Apparently, it’s “brave” of us to take a 6-week-old in public. He mostly slept on my chest, wrapped in one of those backpack-style harnesses.

Then, he went through three diapers and two changes of clothes within about 90 minutes. I changed him each time in the public bathroom, and when we ran out of unsoiled clothes for him, I wrapped him in my flannel shirt and nestled him against my wife’s chest in one of those cloth infant wraps.

So we continued our browsing and shopping. We spent way too much money on some cool stuff:

  • Coffee liqueur from a local distillery
  • Locally grown honey
  • An amazing print from an astrophotographer for Nugget’s room
  • Coffee from New Jersey
  • Some other things I can’t remember at the moment

Anyway, we had a good time, and despite the multiple diaper changes, we think Nugget did well. We want to be able to take him out in public and not constantly worry about what might happen. We’re good.

Writing, Writing

I got a decent amount of writing done this week — I think about 1,300 words. My 5,000-word weekly goals may be a bit out of reach until my upcoming stay-cations / paternity leave.

However, I’m very close to being done with the first drafts of my Mythology series. My editor also had a look at the first of these stories as a sample. She sent back some notes/revisions this week, so I’d like to sit down and go through those this weekend. Preferably tonight.

I had some brainstorming moments for WoEL

So, I think I have an opportunity to make some great progress this week, even if the word count doesn’t line up.

Goals for 10/26

  1. Finish the first drafts of my Mythology series
  2. Review my editor’s notes on the first story and revise
  3. Decide how we will approach the remaining stories
  4. Get back into WoEL 

Steve D

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