Friday Write-Day: Revisions Are Coming

This was another one of those weeks where it felt pretty busy/hectic, but I don’t really remember specifically what happened.


We had a lot of visitors and things going on around the house. That’s why it felt busy. I didn’t have much time for writing due to this, but progress is not always measured in word count

On Sunday, both of my parents were at the house for different reasons: my mom to help us with some gardening, and my dad to hang out with his grandson and watch some football.

Then, a friend of ours came into town to stay with us for a couple of nights and meet her not-blood-related nephew, which was cool.

Jessie came over Tuesday night for dinner — also cool. Or was it Wednesday? I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter much. You see where I’m going with this.

Non-Writing Progress

I wrote a negligible amount this week in the random spots where I could, but I haven’t bothered counting it up yet. It’s probably a few hundred words.

However, I managed to achieve one of my goals from last week. I implemented my editor’s suggested revisions on the first of my Mythology stories. I basically agreed with everything she said, so I told her as much, and we agreed that she would revise the entire series. I sent her the first six stories last night (including the newly revised first story).

So that piece is officially moving. I’ve held back a lot to this point about this series and what I’m doing with it, because I’d like to have everything lined up before announcing anything.

There’s still one more part I want to confirm before the official official announcement. But… I’ll be publishing this series soon!

I’m pretty excited for that, but more details to come.

More Business… or Busy-ness

We have a busy weekend, too. We’re visiting with friends and family tonight, and then going to a friend’s wedding tomorrow night!

Fun stuff. I took this afternoon off so we didn’t have to drive through rush hour. That also means that when we arrive at our destination, I’ll probably have a couple hours to get some more writing done.

Goals for 11/2

  1. Finish the first drafts of my Mythology series
  2. Get my final piece of this series moving
  3. Find more time for writing — aim for 2,000 words

Steve D

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