Mini Mythic Fantasy Playlist!

Now that I’m gearing up to publish the first chapter of The Grand Mythos of Úr’Dan come January, I need to make sure my gearing-up playlist is ready.

A fantasy series of mythic proportions deserves an equally mythic playlist. That’s right — I’m taking Jessie’s corner! Onward into myth and lore!

Týr – The Lay of Thrym

It should be no secret that Týr is one of my favorite bands, but this song is like a power orchestral version of the Norse myth, The Lay of Thrym. I’ll admit, the song takes a few liberties with the original myth, but it’s a worthy rendition nonetheless.

Audioslave – Bring ‘Em Back Alive

This song isn’t necessarily about mythology, but the first verse loosely references the story of Icarus, so I’m counting it.

Also, I like to imagine Chris Cornell serenading the halls of Valhalla with his unearthly voice.

Of Monsters and Men – Thousand Eyes

This song is all about imagery for me. Like someone floundering in an endless ocean until the storm overtakes them. But then they rise like a deep tower as the sea rages around them, as if the waves now fear them.

That feels mythic to me.

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

Alright, so “Stairway to Heaven” may have been the more obvious Zeppelin song, what with it being about heaven and all, but Robert Plant literally talks about Gollum and Sauron in this one.

Lord of the Rings… Tolkien… The Silmarillion!

How could I not include this one??

Rush – By-Tor and the Snow Dog

Another one of my favorite bands. Drummer Neil Peart famously wrote most oft he lyrics across this band’s 50+-year discography, and his songs are brimming with mythological, fantasy, and science fiction references.

You can even hear stories told over the course of several songs — spanning albums and decades! World-Building Level: Master.

Steve D

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