Dear Email Marketers: Chill TFO

Dear email marketers of any flavor. If you send me emails with bullshit like this:

I’m going to report you as spam.

Every time I sign one petition, or finally decide to contribute to one campaign, suddenly my email is inundated with political messages from organizations I didn’t sign up with. And these aren’t unknowns. These are major organizations who just constantly throw subscriber information at each other to try to squeeze every last dollar from politically-minded folk like myself.

Most such emails I delete until I get fed up and unsubscribe from everything.

But emails like the above actively piss me off. Emails like this are the reason that most legitimate email marketers’ jobs are actually hard. Because they have to draw attention to their campaigns without pissing readers off, all while some organizations blatantly fling feces at peoples’ inboxes desperately hoping for something to stick.

And here I am still trying to think of ways to jump-start my own newsletter. Ugh.

So to any email marketers out there, including authors who use newsletters to reach fans, don’t be obnoxious assholes.

That is all.

Steve D

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