#BookReview: FORGET NOTHING, great intro to GALAXY’S EDGE universe

Another Audible Original that I’m glad I listened to. “Forget Nothing” is a military sci-fi short in the Galaxy’s Edge universe of stories, which is apparently huge.

I’d never read any of the Galaxy’s Edge stories, so this was a good introduction, and has me interested in picking up more.

It follows Andien Broxin, a Republic Marine officer stationed on a “mid-core” planet. Her father was a Legionnaire, and very early in the story it feels like there’s a lot of history with these characters. There is more than one pointed reference to a particular campaign on a particular planet that went particularly badly, and we actually get a bit of the background near the end of this story.

What’s not really clear is how the main character fits into that deeper history, except that she is surrounded by it.

Andien Broxin is a believable point-of-view narrator with great perspective on her experiences in the Republic Marine Corps. The story kept me engaged throughout, and there were some great characters and dialogue.

I can’t help but feel like “Forget Nothing” is just a teaser for the wider universe of these stories. I’m not convinced it serves its own purpose as a story.

The deliberate references to other characters, past events, and even some political machinations are certainly intriguing, but with the way “Forget Nothing” wraps up, it seems poised to be the start of a new story, or perhaps the prelude to an existing one.

Frankly, I hope it’s the latter. If I pick up Galaxy’s Edge #1 and find that Andien isn’t a main character, I’ll be pretty disappointed. In any case, that’s enough to convince me to read that first book in the series.

Steve D

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