GUEST POST: Writing for Yourself vs Writing for an Editor, by Steven D’Adamo

Sci-fi author Luther M Siler let me write a guest post for his website, which is pretty awesome. Have a look-see and check out his books. I’d be happy to have a fraction of the following he does. (Maybe just a slightly bigger fraction than currently. )

Thank you Luther!

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At least one guest post today and tomorrow, as brain melt starts to set in.  Steve’s good people.  Be nice.  

Bio: Steven D’Adamo is a writer based outside of Baltimore, MD. He co-founded Red String PaperCuts with a friend and fellow writer to discuss books, music, and poetry, and argue about life from their armchairs. His fantasy adventure novel, The Warden of Everfeld: Memento, will debut at the end of 2017. To catch a glimpse of his fantasy universe, check out the dark fantasy horror, “Wolf’s Moon Night,” published by Five on the Fifth. Aside from his website, you can find Steven on Facebook, Goodreads, and NaNoWriMo (dia820).

For Whom Do You Write? (Hint: it always changes!)

Most of us say that we only write for ourselves, that it doesn’t matter how the outside world perceives our stories because we poured our hearts…

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REblog Wednesday: Where To Discover New Music x4

Confession time! I have an obsession. It includes, but is not limited to, the following: rock, metal, indie, alternative, pop punk, r&b, hard rock, hip hop, and reggaeton. My iTunes library currently exceeds 15 thousand songs and is ever growing. Much like my physical book library, it continues to expand out of control.

I have been called a hoarder more than once.
I may have a problem.

Luckily for youuuuuu, all this means is that I have developed many a way to discover new fuel to satisfy my addiction. Listed below is my list of a few music finding resources. Continue reading “REblog Wednesday: Where To Discover New Music x4”

Reblog Wednesday: Ebook Piracy – What To Do If Someone Steals Your Book #KindlePreneur #h2e

Welp, here’s a side of ebook publishing I’ve never considered before. What can you do if someone publishes your free ebook without your permission? And should you do it?

Honest question: have any of you authors experienced this problem? How did you approach it? I’d love to hear your stories.

Shout-out to @SylviaHubbard1 for sharing this first and bringing it to my feed.

Steve D

How To Ebook

You’d be amazed at how many websites have pirated or claim to have pirated your book.|

There it is…sitting there, being given away for free….

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Reblog Wednesday – Zen Pencils

We’re going to start reblogging and/or linking one essay, article, or blog we find interesting, emotive, or hilarious each Wednesday, because sharing is caring.

Taking a few steps away from the last reblog Wednesday, this week I’m highlighting a site I stumbled upon recently: Zen Pencils. Continue reading “Reblog Wednesday – Zen Pencils”

Blogger Recognition Award!

Last week I received the Blogger Recognition Award from both MLS Weech and Nichole McGhie!

This is my first time getting one of these awards from the WordPress community, so I’m pretty stoked to get it from two bloggers I follow closely. Thanks guys! Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award!”

Reblog Wednesday: “A Persian Brew” – Mahdis Marzooghian

We’re going to start reblogging and/or linking one essay, article, or blog we find interesting, emotive, or hilarious each Wednesday, because sharing is caring.

Update, Oct 24, 2019: The original link to this article was broken/not found, so I searched the Google and found a more recent publication of the article.

First up this week is a vivid essay, “A Persian Brew”, by Mahdis Marzooghian about her experiences growing up Persian in the US. Mahdis is a friend and the Editor-in-Chief over at, – “A Persian Brew”

The most succinct thing I can say about Mahdis’s writing is that she made me — a white, blonde-haired, American male — feel like I was living her experiences. That is the connective power of brilliant storytelling.

I recommend reading the full issue here, but I just wanted to highlight Mahdis’s piece in particular. (Steve D)

Reblog: In which I tell you how your religion works

I’ve been stewing on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, as I’m sure many others have, for a few days now. This piece by a talented writer sums up the hypocrisy of the people who claim we cannot let more refugees into this country.

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christianity_versus_other_religions_blog-horngsawI am not a Christian.  That fact has probably been perfectly clear for a very long time; it doesn’t take a whole lot of reading around here to figure it out.

What may be less clear to non long-time visitors: Chances are I know way more about Christianity than you do.  Is that a guarantee?  No, not at all.  But most of you don’t have a Master’s degree in Biblical studies.  I do.  And I got it from one of the best divinity schools in the country.  So chances are I know more about Christianity and Western religion in general than you do.

I’ve been thinking about Jesus a lot in the last few days.  Maybe I should go full wanker here and call him Yeshua, or something, to rid him of some of the cruft that’s accumulated over the past 2000 years, but the point is I’ve spent a…

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San Francisco Part II: Dirt Trails and a Wedding Gown

Here’s part 2 of my San Francisco trip. And it didn’t take over a year!!!


Part II of my trip to San Francisco is here… and it didn’t take nearly two years to finish! Although it did take me longer than a week… but still!

My first visit to the Pacific Ocean. My first visit to the Pacific Ocean.

The wedding was to take place on Saturday evening, our second full day in San Francisco. We decided to stay north of the Bay in the morning to cut down on travel time, and explore the shore of Marin County. I really don’t remember which part of the state parks we drove through, but it was fantastic. We found a small parking lot somewhere along route 1 and trekked down a dirt path through colorful scrub to a small cove on the ocean.

Hiking down the hill towards the ocean. Hiking down the hill towards the ocean.

The vegetation reminded me of the scrub in Dartmoor, England, but of course the climate is much dryer. The vegetation reminded me of the scrub in Dartmoor, England, but of course the climate is much dryer.

I had to climb the rocks, obviously. I had to climb the…

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San Francisco Part I: Beers and Bubble Tea

Part I of my trip to San Francisco. That’s right… I have a dormant travel blog that is now being revitalized. – Steve D


Programming Note: Okay, I’m actually going to try to get back into this blog. Life has a way of getting in the way of other life, no? When I began this blog, I was just settling down from three country-hopping trips in the summer of 2012. I visited a lot of places and met a lot of people. I have since settled back in Maryland with my fiancee (the former girlfriend who ventured to Ireland and France with me) a dog, and a job. But I have more stories to tell and photographs to share. I am doing far less travelling now (to my dislike), but there are other trips I’d like to share. I may also write some retrospective posts about trips I have already discussed; what are the stories or feelings or impressions that have stuck with me one, five, or ten years after the fact? I’ll try…

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