Friday Write-Day: Brief Last-Minute Update!

In my quest to achieve 60,000 words total for Manuscript: Beta last night, I nearly forgot to put together a post for today. Well, here it is.

60,000 feels like a solid milestone. What’s strange is that it does not feel like the milestone I expected. I’ve been aiming for 180,000 words total for The Warden of Everfeld: Memento, based mostly off of the 174k-word length of Manuscript: Alpha and the revising/rewriting that is the focus of the Beta draft.

Leaner and Cleaner

As I revise and rewrite the second draft, my primary goal has been to make my second draft leaner. By this I mean that I am cutting out and condensing the sections that jumped too much between POV sections and were superfluous to the overall narrative. So the overall flow of the narrative is similar; I’m just trimming the fat.

My other goal has been to clean up the prose to eliminate unnecessary wording. Also, due to some the leaner narrative, some of the sections in the middle of my book are being cut altogether.

The big turning point I am currently gunning for is intended to be the almost-half-way point in my novel, let’s say 45% of the way to the finish line. But if I reach this turning point in, say, 70,000 words… then is my novel turning out shorter than I projected? 70k words at 45% completion would give me a projected total of 155k.

I guess I’m okay with that. I just wasn’t expecting my revision model of Leaner and Cleaner to cut that much out of the final product.

Has anyone else seen their second draft shrink after a round of revisions?

Goal for 2/24: 70,000 words and getting through that turning point!

Steve D

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